Welcome to Gorank Consulting. My name is Andreas Källberg and is the owner and only employee. I am an independent consultant in the IT industry with Stockholm as home.

What I've done


Engineering education. Consulting for many years with various customers. Start ups, big companies, small companies. Banks, goverments, retail, gaming, telecom, and more. Open source involvement.

For more info see my linked in page.

What I like


Solving proplems are great fun. Solving problems through programming is even better. Small self deciding teams with competent people is the environment to strive for.

On a personal level I love spending time with the family. Taking the kids to see a movie. Suprising the wife with restaurant visit. Watching Premier league with frinds (and a couple of pints). Or just spending an hour by my self jogging.

What I offer


Experince programmer with great social skills.

For more info see my linked in page.